The Basics Of Financial Management

Financial management is an area of business that discusses the monetization of running a business enterprise. It will also introduce you to the tools used by financial experts to analyze and create these thinking steps that dictate a corporation’s financial direction. The main objective of financial management is to improve shareholder value and expand the corporate stake in its revenue generating processes. In principle this is fairly different from corporate finance, which studies the fiscal decisions of all organizations versus one body the concept and analysis of corporate finance is also applicable to the financial management problems taken up by all business practices.


Financial management can be broken down into short term and long term decision making rationale and techniques. The decisions made in capital investment can be equated as long term decisions as they are used to project investments. This may include many methods which involve equity or debt for financing the investment or imbursement of dividends to shareholders in a corporation. On the opposite side, short term decision processes involved incumbent balance of acquired assets and updated liability; focusing on how to manage the liquidity of the company and inventory. Short term loans and lending such as credit extension to customers is part of this.

Financial management is also related to investment banking by way of corporate financing. The basic function of an investment bank is to review the corporation’s fiscal requirements and deliver the necessary capital that will address the identified necessities. This is why financial management sectors are referred to corporate finance and is associated with transactions that involve capital generation for the development, acquisition and expansion of business.

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